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Exceptional Care

General Dentistry
Provides Comprehensive Dentistry For The Entire Family.
You'll Be Able To Chew & Smile Again With Confidence!
Bone Graft
Increase the amount of bone in a part of the jaw, bone has been lost.
Mouth Guard
Used to protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding and during sports.
Professional teeth whitening, patients can whiten their smiles in as little as one hour.
Teeth Braces
The Better and Faster Invisible Teeth Aligners.
Supported by dental implants, including: crowns, bridges, and dentures.
Teeth Protection
Its important throughout your life, By practicing good oral hygiene at home and scheduling regular checkups.

Our Dental Service
In Numbers

Exquisite Dental Care is made up of a team of committed professionals that put patient care first. Patients of all ages are encouraged to visit and receive comprehensive dental treatment.

Exquisite Dental Care was founded in 2010 the first place in old town to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

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Client Satisfaction
Intervention Success
Happy with Staff
Quick Recovery


We love our patients – and they love us right back! Please take the time to read the patient testimonials below. If you have any questions,  call our office and our friendly dental staff will be happy to help.

Kuntumie Holston
Kuntumie Holston
Google Review

This has been the most consistent and pleasurable practices in my dental history.I came to Dr. Reid post birth with major sensitivity and in need of consistency.

Leilani Nance
Leilani Nance
Google Review

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Reid for 5+ years. She’s always very honest, thorough and professional. I completed my Invisalign process here and turned out great!

Brenda loves Bob
Google Review

Dr. Reid and staff have provided complete Exquisite Dental service for over a decade. Highly recommended and subscribed!
Kelly Hall
Google Review

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Reid’s since 2009. Both she and the staff are phenomenal.


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Brad Wilson
Dental surgery

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Trixie Payton
Full Dental Implants

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Kristin Yang
Cosmetic Dentistry

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Jane Scott
Dental surgery

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General Dentistry

General dentistry is for patients of all ages offering complete, comprehensive dental health care.

Dental Implants

We work toward creating youthful smiles for patients whose natural teeth require replacement.


We offer a modern solution to straighten your teeth through clear aligners, made specifically for your mouth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening  can greatly improve how your teeth look by removing stains and discoloration.